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GENDER EMPOWERMENT for Social Life and Harmonious Living

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The Fourth GH Book series is finally published by end of 2014; supported by Pt. INDOSAT Tbk; Sriya Harapan Jagra Publishers; the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection; the Ministry of Information, Communication Technology; the Yayasan Gender Harmony (YGH); the Writers ; GH Networks including Officials from the Ministry of Social Affairs and KOWANI (The Indonesia National Council of Women). The white paper book is released by January 2015 only. Available in the market starting Feb/March 2015.

Book : "Gender Harmony"

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'Gender Harmony' (Towards a better future of Indonesia and free of poverty)

This book is structured to provide information, knowledge and understanding of the fundamental of harmonious relationship between men and women based on egalitarian ethos. Gender empowerment in the family is able to fight poverty and hunger, prevent domestic violence and together build an advanced, independent and prosperous family through dual income family, entrepreneurship and collateral partnership.

Paper : Gender, Races and MDG towards Health Equity

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Health equity between gender and races

By: Erna Surjadi
Key words:
gender inequality, health equity, social determinants of health, health and human rights, women’s rights, gender harmony

Program Book: International Women's Day Match 8th 2011

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Promoting Gender Mainstreaming in Family Through Education and Training To support Primary Prevention of Domestic Violence
Seminar and book launching
8 March 2011
The Social Programme on the 60th General Assembly
International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA)

Book: "How to Prevent Domestic Violence"

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This book as a gift for the family of Indonesia and the world, offers a coping mechanism to prevent the construction of the incidence of domestic violence and build synergies between husband and wife. Gender empowerment is a matter that needs to be done since the beginning of family formation, and a basic knowledge of young women and men before the family, to understand why domestic violence occurs and how to prevent it. This knowledge is a valuable asset for couples who want to get married and / or have a wedding in a vulnerable situation or excessive pressure.