CSW60 New York 19 Mar 2016

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The Orange Day- Gender Harmony Network and WUNRN, 25 November 2015: My Harmony: My World!

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What a Happy Orange Day!
Seven countries Gender Harmony campaign!

Thank you for keeping the good spirit of peace and harmony against Gender Based Violence!

GH at CSW 59, NYC 2015

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The GH pre-Con meeting to ICGEm2014

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Gender empowerment using technology communication (simplifying Gender mainstreaming, women's empowerment with ICT) to achieve gender equality for family welfare; free from poverty and domestic violence.

Time to accelerate the gender movement for combating gender-based violence; create peace and harmony by put respect to human's rights towards family welfare within high communication.

The next ICGEm2014 will be hosted by the Khon Kaen University, Thailand with the support of many delegates from many countries of the world.

May God bless us

Gender Harmony at Geneva UNHRC Session 23 on 3 Jun 2013

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Photo : Gender Harmony in New York at the United Nations NGO CSW 57: 6 March 2013

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Gramedia Talkshow 29-04-2011

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Gramedia TalkShow with Dr. Erna Surjadi

Gender Harmony and How to Prevent Domestic Violence