Gender Economics

15 May

Women's measurement of success

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How to get success as women entrepreneur

We are born as women; in human's rights men and women are equal.
This is also stated in my country basic law principles.

15 May

The seven women's empowerment principles: Equality does mean business!

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The 15th APEC Women Leaders Network (WLN), 19-21 September 2010 Tokyo, Japan

Have you ever heard Women Leaders Network (WLN)?
I attended for the first time the 15th APEC Women Leaders Network (WLN) in Tokyo, 19-21 September 2010, which conducted at Keio Plaza Hotel.

There were about 600 participants, speakers and including women Ministers from Taiwan and Japan. Most participants were coming from private sectors, few international organizations and some were from government (Ministry women). Total member countries are 21 within Asia and the Pacific regions.
From my country, we are ten persons altogether; where four of them were from private.