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    Brief Report


    Gender Harmony (GH) has participated to the United Nations conference for the fourth time since 2013; three at New York City for the CSW57, CSW59, CSW60 and one at Geneva, Switzerland for UNHRC23.

  • Women’s UN Report Network - WUNRN





    Jakarta, Indonesia – November 25, 2015


    WUNRN, The Women’s UN Report Network, is honored to be a co-sponsor of this Gender Harmony International Conference. WUNRN, based on a UN Study, addresses the human rights, oppression, and empowerment of women and girls all over the world.


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Gender Harmony Blogs

  • Gender Harmony (GH) slides prepared during CSW60 for promoting peace and harmony

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    Gender Based Violence can be prevented!


    This term is known in various words such as: domestic violence, violence agaiant women, family violence and so on.

  • Exclamation Day of ANTI Domestic Violence, , SAY ANTI DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

    Gender Harmony (GH) as Promising tool against gender-based violence Say NO is not enough! We need Gender Harmony! GH promotes proper gender relationship with its aspects between men and women that influenced by the patriarchy culture as predisposing factor; also economic situation in the family (poor/rich) and the importance of communication to support the bonding particularly in early years of marriage. Gender Harmony is developed based on the respect to human rights for the unity in family to reach family welfare, as the smallest unit in society

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    The members of Gender Harmony (GH) Network met during New Year celebration for gathering with Prof. Dr. Meutia Hatta Swasono, the Presidential Council on Education and Culture; and PT Indosat, Mr. Indar Atmanto and team of Inspera (Inspirasi Perempuan Indonesia = Indonesian Women's Inspiration) at Indosat building, Tower B, 25th Floor, Jl Merdeka Barat, Jakarta on Friday, 17 January 2014.

  • Gender Harmony in X.WEC 2013, Bali

    Bali, September 2013

    The X.World Education Congress (X.WEC) has been conducted in Bali,  Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel, Sanur from 23 t0 24 September 2013.

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Consultation with Dr. Erna Surjadi

International Conference on Gender Empowerment 2012

YGH Overall Program

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KDRT, Bagaimana mencegahnya?

Video Gender Harmony, a Talkshow with the author of the book, Dr. Erna Surjadi : 29 April 2011, Jakarta