gender equality

The GH pre-Con meeting to ICGEm2014

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We are here to express that we say NO to violence; moreover we say ANTI Domestic Violence!

Gender empowerment is a must - it may achieve the gender equality faster by using Gender Harmony (GH)

Everything good must be blessed by God; no matter how people play with words, gossip, ambitions, greediness and or politization with power, abuse or turnover any fact - women and men are complements; they deserved to be partners within good gender empowerment; where women's empowerment in it. Working with men is a must; thus gender empowerment is needed.

15 May

Women challenges and gender equality to support the future of the nation

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History noted roles of women; it is noted also the double burden, the spirit of advancement and stereotypes - this becomes a historical phenomena. Thus our great challenges as women, go pursue the women advancement within family career development towards family advancement for future investment.


Gender Empowerment