The Orange Day- Gender Harmony Network and WUNRN, 25 November 2015: My Harmony: My World!

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What a Happy Orange Day!
Seven countries Gender Harmony campaign!

Thank you for keeping the good spirit of peace and harmony against Gender Based Violence!
There are so many people in the world did not know what they're doing although they have 'power' and 'authority' however they didn't make any change at all - but 'confirmed' the status quo to even blocking the changes..!

God be with us and bless abundantly to whom working for goodness, Ladies and Gentlemen! 
Bravo Gender Empowerment!
No Gain without pain..!

Keep on moving - God never let the seeds on our hands dried up..!
We'll see you again next year!

Best wishes,

Dr. Erna Surjadi, drg MS.APBI, PhD
Founder & Director of Yayasan Gender Harmony