The Jakarta Declaration on Gender Harmony to Ending Gender Violence

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Coordinated by YAYASAN GENDER HARMONY in collaboration with Women’s UN Report Network (WUNRN:;





International Gender Harmony Conference commits to ending Gender Violence

Gender Harmony launches 5th book in series & tools for harmony in family, community

Jakarta, Indonesia, November 25-27, 2015


On 27 November 2015 in Jakarta Capital city of Indonesia, during the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence Campaign, we, the participants and speakers in the Gender Harmony conference through Seminar, Book Launching and Training for Facilitators commits to ending Gender Violence and strongly agree to embrace the programme theme: MY HARMONY: MY WORLD!

We realize that in this complex and volatile world, facing conflicts, climate crises, economic upheavals, natural disasters, family fragmentation, and a sense of insecurity about the future, particularly the persistent Gender violence cases in family, community and nation life, the harmony and partnership between men and women is needed. We realize that theharmony in family life, particularly among husband and wife, may not always develop naturally, and therefore needs to be supported by concrete actions and processes that reduce inequitable gender status, biased gender practices and enhance spirits with proper gender perception, creativity, togetherness, and actions of  the equal relations  that results in a healthylifestyle, family career development free frompoverty/hunger and domestic violence.


We recognize that more women and girls are not living in security and peace due to less men aware the mistake and wrong thing of doing sexual violence while the statement said that 1 in 3 women worldwide has experienced physical, emotional, or sexual violence, mostly by husbands and or close person who have intimate relationship was becoming classic and tend to be ignored by executives and males who lead the family, country and nation. We realize that gender based violence can happen when there are different expectation for roles and behaviors of husband and wife, mostly due to patriarchy culture. With communication skills of Gender Harmony, resilience and coping, even devotion, can result amidst financial pressures, career responsibilities, challenges with children, and more.

On behalf of organizations represented at the Gender Harmony International Conference 2015 and as individuals from 7different cultures and countries: Japan, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Malaysia, United States and Indonesiawho support Gender Equality and Women’s empowerment,  we urge ministers and senior government officials, along with private sector and community leaders everywhere, to endorse the 2015JakartaDeclaration on Gender Harmony to ending gender violence by adopting gender harmony approach to gender equality actions and measures that lead to gender empowerment, harmonious living and family welfare. Actions are required to produce changes in reduction of Gender based violence.  Gender Harmony can lead to reduction of all forms of violence and lead to more personal and collective peace. The relationship, the family, is the core of society. By building communication and respect, the family small or large, rural or urban, can employ Gender Harmony to become more resilient, and to be stronger community citizens.


The International Gender Harmony Conference, launched on the International Day to Eradicate Violence against Women, is committed to change this violence, to positive relationships, dignity, and respect by involving men as basic development on Gender Harmony will be in family with its career development within effective communication and coping mechanism to perform family transformation towards family welfare and wellbeing. Gender Harmony offers tools and training for mindsets on synergistic and sustainable relationships that benefit the entire family, and extend to the community and beyond. We confirm together that Gender Harmony (GH) is a promising tool to combat gender based violence which build on the GH research-based methods for reducing violence, for peace, dignity, and respect for women and girls, men and boys. Gender Harmony expands learning tools on prevention, rejection and elimination of Gender Based Violence and outreach to multiple countries. 


Gender equality and women’s empowerment are part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and absolutely supported by Gender Harmony.  Embracing values and traditions, Gender Harmony promotes proper knowledge, language and mindset within gender partnership based on human rights, including economic, social and cultural rights for females and males. Gender Harmony has a tested method to move beyond stereotypes and patriarchy, to real sensitivity, gender equity, reduction of violence, and more personal and collective peace. With this spirit, we are pleased to announce at this Conference, the new Gender Harmony Book, 5th in the GH series: GENDER BASED VIOLENCE, which talks about cases and how to eliminate it, has become a powerful reference to reach people together combating the GBV.  The role of social media and information, communication technology would become advantages to reach out more people in the world.


In conclusion, this is a commitment among participants and speakers of the Gender Harmony International Conference during 16 Days of activism against gender violence2015as the starting point to push forward gender empowerment to women and men by advocating and implementing Gender Harmony practices in our own environments and by bringing the Gender Harmony to ending gender violenceissue to the attention of world wide forums, so disadvantaged people and in particular women, may benefit. In turn this will help the reduction of gender violenceand achieve harmonious family welfare.


Jakarta, 27 November 2015


Participants and Speakers on the Gender Harmony International Conference:


In collaboration with Yayasan Gender Harmony, Women’s UN Report Network, Indosat Ooredoo,

Outward Bond Indonesia, Hakasima, Century21 Mediterania, and Gallery West Developer

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