GENDER EMPOWERMENT for Social Life and Harmonious Living

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The Fourth GH Book series is finally published by end of 2014; supported by Pt. INDOSAT Tbk; Sriya Harapan Jagra Publishers; the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection; the Ministry of Information, Communication Technology; the Yayasan Gender Harmony (YGH); the Writers ; GH Networks including Officials from the Ministry of Social Affairs and KOWANI (The Indonesia National Council of Women). The white paper book is released by January 2015 only. Available in the market starting Feb/March 2015.

The Book mostly highlights the results of the International Conference on Gender Empowerment (ICGEm) 2012, July 10-13 in Jakarta and Bandung which been supported by 14 countries with the Bandung Declaration on Gender Harmony. The ICGEm has main Goals on Gender Empowerment against Poverty; with 10 (ten) subthemes that covers social, health, education, culture, Law, economic, ICT, Cooperation and creative economy within gender empowerment (for men and women) and so on. There are 12 writers to the GE book from 8 countries.

Some people may think of the most importance on Women's empowerment by the fact that men have been more advanced compared to women; so they might think no way to empower men which might implicate to the gap between men and women's advancement is not diminished. While the ICGEm has found out that women may not being advantaged if the mindset of men are still the same; so that they might even drag the women back to run in the spot or even being retreated. Many studies proved the challenges of women career facing the husband and relatives with higher risk of being devorced or turned down by the family biased perception. Then the advancement is becoming a travesty only. The Gender Empowerment (GE) is needed.

Gender Harmony (GH) offers a scientific approach based on long research and practices. Testimonies are noted. GH may change the situation by build coping mechanism between spouses and or gender partners in community due to proper knowledge, gender language, mindset attitude and practices to perform gender transformation in supporting the achievement of gender equality and equity. The GH journey is presented in the book as evidence based for the true benefits of the tool and strategy.  GE is proposed to be a programme for achieving family welfare. The next ICGEm in 2015, 2016 etc is awaited to discussed more findings for world progress in this matter.

The GE book is one practical book within modernization era, the true factual conditions of community/ societies for Social leaders, Programme Managers and Policy Makers. It is implemented across cultures, geographic, societies and ethnics; which being brought up to a higher level of respecting human being regardless who they are, equality among human's rights. What have been performed so far within women's empowerment is not mistaken; however we surely can save time, energy, funds and generations by using the GH and Gender Empowerment to push forward Beijing + 20.

For peace and security of women's advancement - where women's empowerment is family advancement towards future investment!         For Peace and Harmony!

Save the date of global discussion on this: 12 March 2015 at the United Nations NGOCSW 59, New York, CCUN!                                         (Special rewarded price during the GH NGOCSW59 event in New York with goody bag and T Shirt)