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Nobody wants to be hurt, however marriage may bring gender based violence on physical, psychological, sexual and economic disadvantages. Husband and wife who came from different family with different customs, habits and inner life experiences need to learn the harmony process towards family welfare. Modern era made various ideologies and philosophy born within pluralism society with different perceptions within gender disparities that led to more violence in the family and community life.

Continuing from the first book on How to prevent Domestic Violence (2011), this Gender Based Violence (GBV) book was written as tools for public on preventing, rejecting and eliminating GBV. Knowledge on gender disparities, and roots of the problem on the cause of GBV are needed by all people: women, men also girls and boys in order to have peaceful life and harmony, which is free from GBV.


Long studies since 2003/2004, 2005-2006, 2006-2008 and 2008-2010 and continuing observations during 2011-2014 performed by Gender Harmony (GH), made this book very important for everyone who would like to get married, or maintaining long marriage life and creating harmony and peaceful marriage. GBV cases were reduced 56% with effective communication as the intervening factor within principles of Gender Harmony (GH). GBV started in latent condition (hidden from naked eyes), and it might destroy the family relationship at once likely a bomb splashed at home.  It attacked many families: rich to poor families, high to low educated families, and various ethnics in most of all parts of the world! Don’t let them come to your family! Have this book as the knowledge on coping mechanism, transformation, gender disparities, stressors, egalitarian ethos, gender synergy, hints to avoid GBV  and so on. Let’s create a peaceful life and harmony free from GBV!



The 16 days of Activism against Gender Violence Campaign


Harmony is Right for everybody in the world!

GH book series 5th lAUNCHING by YAYASAN GENDER HARMONY (YGH) in collaboration with WUNRN, INDOSAT OOREDOO, OUTWARD BOND Indonesia (OBI), HAKASIMA & Century21 Mediterania

has been conducted at INDOSAT TOWER BUILDING 25th Floor during 25 nOVEMBER 2015, attended by participants from 7 (seven) countries: Japan, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, United States and Indonesia