Book: "How to Prevent Domestic Violence"

Published by admin on Thu, 04/14/2011 - 12:10


How to Prevent Domestic Violence


Domestic violence is never expected to happen, but noted there is domestic violence include: physical, psychological, sexual and economic. With the development of modernization, a variety of ideologies and philosophies, then the case would threaten violence and the increasingly rampant in the family and society in the future. Harmony equal partnership between husband and wife, are very important because it is based on human rights and for the progress of the family.

Patriarchy is still the dominant culture in society have promoted the emergence of domestic violence in terms of gender relations between men and women, of course there are various triggers, among others related to the economy both poor and wealthy family and is also related to the smoothness of communication, especially in the first years marriage. encountered domestic violence in families with high education and low, rich or poor. According to research, effective communication and targeted to reduce domestic violence cases 0:56. That is, domestic violence can and must be prevented!

This book as a gift for the family of Indonesia and the world, offers a coping mechanism to prevent the construction of the incidence of domestic violence and build synergies between husband and wife. Gender empowerment is a matter that needs to be done since the beginning of family formation, and a basic knowledge of young women and men before the family, to understand why domestic violence occurs and how to prevent it. This knowledge is a valuable asset for couples who want to get married and / or have a wedding in a vulnerable situation or excessive pressure.