Book : "Gender Harmony"

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'Gender Harmony'
(Towards a better future of Indonesia and free of poverty)

This book is structured to provide information, knowledge and understanding of the fundamental of harmonious relationship between men and women based on egalitarian ethos. Gender empowerment in the family is able to fight poverty and hunger, prevent domestic violence and together build an advanced, independent and prosperous family through dual income family, entrepreneurship and collateral partnership.

This book raised aspect of women empowerment for family advancement towards future investment. Economy is central to the basic understanding of gender that is directed to the empowerment of women in the fields of health, communication, cooperation, entrepreneurship skills and share the load / success with the family. Patriarchal culture is expected to be replaced with an egalitarian ethos: the existence of gender issues, expectations and reality as well as some aspects of progress can be important considerations adolescents and young age to build a better future and freedom from poverty.

Gender empowerment is a matter that needs to be done since the beginning of family formation, and becomes a basic knowledge of young women and men before the family - to give voting rights, options and leverage the power ('voices, choices and forces') of women as the subject development and to build synergies with men as equal partners in family development, community, nation and State

With the continuing struggle of Indonesia's heroine Kartini worked for the advancement of Indonesian women, this book is presented with a sincere heart to all women Indonesia - where thereof  the children born candidate for future generation, and to the family of Indonesia - where in it awakened the spirit to establish gender harmony, the harmony of mind with no intention of eliminating diversity.

This book offers the development of resistance mechanisms of the family (coping mechanism) to face the challenges of life; foster family career development, including women, perform the transformation and escape from the shackles of poverty.

Gender Harmony was important to be promoted to improve family and became the nation and state investment in the future.