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15 May

Promoting the gender spirits that are running as pulses through the wire to the nation and the world!

Published by erna_surjadi

Time is flying; nobody can stop it.
Although time machine was invented in the movie; we know that time is a restriction for every human being.
We are passing the time, can access it but have no control on it, or even to know the future will be.

Que sera sera what ever will be will be...; the future not ours to see... que sera sera... That is the song I heard and sing since the childhood.

The world is changing. ICT is invented and human is advanced. No day without problems and only problems can make us tougher and be in the higher position. Thus, given up, surrender, passive, acceptance or even being pessimistic is not the best way to face life...
Be optimist with actions, hopes, faith and love; might be good to be the latest motto for women in the future.

Vision without action is a day dream; and action without vision is a night mare (Japanese proverbs).
The PulseWire has facilitated us to connect to each other; it is increasing my confidence to face the world and we can connect regardless who, what and where we are; and we don't have to worry on how and when; due to the ICT has equipped us to do it. Have we realized that there are so much work we could do and need to do in this world...; the whole stories from many friends as the VOF break the world has shown those needs....!

I have been busy, right after the PulseWire stimulated me with the feeling above...; I am facing a big event of Mother's day in Indonesia, 22 December 2010. This is celebrated since long time ago after the Indonesia Independence Day in 1945. What made this year would be a difference is a spirit inserted on it.
The spirit of gender to end poverty2015 by involving multi sectors, multidisciplinary, various parties in community, politician, academics and the poor; has awakened many people to do the gender movement.
It is hoped it will give impact to open up women's voices and needs; changed the country decision making process to look over towards gender harmony needs and gender powerful notion to end the poverty.
It is hoped also; it will awake the country and nation as well; due to the Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection is planned to launch the book and open the gender seminar.

Many stories, conversations and communications from PulseWire and other networks have been implanted to my head and like seeds it has grown without stopping... like a pulse it keeps beating with the heart...
Thanks to you all and most appreciation to the PulseWire team with tutors that keep us connected during the past two months...

I used the blackberry and emails only to 'sell' the ideas...; it seems like 'a 24 hour hand-strangled' to the black box; a complete work of searching data, few limited meetings (4) were performed though. We are mostly so exited to the challenges...; this coming Friday I have a meeting with all volunteers to help for this occasion.

Imagine how the spirits could do...; it moves people, it creates actions and optimism; we even don't have money to do it; but we have publishing, Printings Company, place to have serial meetings, place for Seminar on the D-day and ...the Minister! This is neither a day dream nor even a night mare anymore...!
The process is actually not merely for us for the self esteem; but mostly for the beneficiaries for other women and girls who don't have any choice and voice or even the force to improve their conditions.

The 'crash-programme' of Mother's day is the follow up action to Kartini's spirit of the Indonesian shero and it will involve girls and women beneficiaries; due to we plan to give the income from selling the books for further programme of gender ending poverty in Indonesia by 2015 using snowball methods... on and on... bigger to vanish the poverty and hunger from Indonesian earth!

Let's keep promoting the gender spirits that are running as pulses through the wire of ICT to the nation and the world!
So, this is not a farewell goodbye... hope to meet you always in the cyber...; may the PulseWire gave us the facility to connect - regardless we are accepted or not.

Keep moving on VOF ladies............!

Taken from PulseWire by Erna Surjadi | October 11, 2010 at 10:14 PM :


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