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15 May

When there is a will there is a way!

Published by erna_surjadi

Who I am makes a difference? I received it from my friend.
I dropped my tears of happiness – for the gratitude of God’s love for keeping me save, healthy and alive with freedom and dignity - up to now

It is a story about one movement of appreciation to what people have done in making a difference to other's life.
The story is started with spirits of Love and ending with Hopes to disperse the love and hopes...
One person gave the blue ribbon to the person he/she appreciated and asked the person to give other blue ribbons to the person(s) they appreciated as well. A chain of love and appreciation...

The story has showed one boy was saved from committing suicide...; he felt being abandoned from the parents… He wrote a goodbye letter and by his surprised he received a blue ribbon from the father who realized how tough the boy’s life… He put job as priority while actually he love his son very much. The boy sobbed and cried… he thought he was the unwanted person in the family…
This story may save many more people’s life if you sent the blue ribbons.

The blue ribbon is given; not merely a physical token but most important - the love right which most of the time is disappeared within family, spouses, society and organization life. The facts showed how spouse needs each other, children need parents; staffs need bosses, people need leaders and how we need God!
The loosing bonding of love is happened due to distance, economic, position, time and workloads. The right to love is forgotten; and many souls were turned down...

The biased perception on gender equality which put women under shadow of men and made most women afraid of men; the fathers who sold the daughters, the husbands who were beating the wives, the trafficked women who surrendered to mafia for loosing bargaining power and afraid to speak and pushing their rights; even as the gender activists were being intimidated, discriminated and victimized.

It is a wonderful story and touched my heart; long time ago I almost commit suicide due to the strong storm to my family life, and my husband saved me. Just within this year I had another stormy situation for unbelievable story and I was victimized so badly…; I saved due to my family, friends, ‘teachers’ and God saved me for not doing ‘stupid thing”…
I was victimized; my husband said forgets it; what are you looking for...? Accept the fate and continue the life. Yes, he is right, not the money we can bring beyond life, but kindness and love

I send blue ribbons to people who helped me...

One thing I know, I might not make a difference to my life, but I could make a difference to others' life
I could tell all evidence of betrayal, harassment, power abuse, white collar crime, God's protection, family bonding and experiences from love to sickness and death
Prevention is better than cure!

In fact, the PulseWire made a difference to my life; it is awaken me of struggling spirit for keeping the pulse: tic tock tic tock... It made me active and stand up for more works
Just in the past two months I was desperate, I was sad and dissatisfied to my life...
However, I understand just recently how God made the difference by giving new network, gave back earlier networks and freedom to innovation and creativity beyond bureaucracy and pressures; and I got recognitions!
Life is so precious; one at a time, I remember again: when there is a will there is a way!
Empowered yourself, and then only you can empower others

In PulseWire I read, listened and learned..; I understand more from other parts of the world!
It is amazing media of communication about women's barriers, needs, experiences; and a world pulse indeed...

Let's move on to make a difference in family, society, community, nation and the world!
I attached the power point presentation for you within the spirit of right to love!

A blue ribbon to the PulseWire and all of you..!
May we make changes for a better gender harmony and peaceful life!


Download : Who I am makes a difference - a blue ribbon story of the right to love!

Taken from PulseWire by Erna Surjadi | October 8, 2010 at 7:09 AM :


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