Women's voice for a better living in the future for the poor, the hunger, the sick and the victimized - the HIV stigma!

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15 May
Published by erna_surjadi

In the 19th century we might know that HIV/Aids is a men's disease; however in this 21th century more women with HIV/Aids. In several countries in the South East Asia region the proportion is becoming 5 women to 7 men.
This condition is truly a deep concern, especially when we talk prevention of mother transmission to child.

I heard and I saw women living with HIV/Aids; who were mostly inconvenience compared to men living with HIV/Aids.
When I visited several shelters in Thailand, it is reported that women housewife were reported contaminated HIV by the husbands; however they 'pushed away' the wives; so they have to go out finding their destiny in shelters.
Another story came from India, if the women were positive HIV; the mother in law is noted asking the wife to dedicate her life for family. Many women lost opportunity to get treatment though the ART is free. Stigma is there for HIV/Aids to 'stay away from them', and worse for women. .
In Nepal, many wives from migrant workers got contaminated as 'the bonus' after the husband back from travelling. They are not aware of the risk nor even received information to empower them.
Many years after, most of the above women shall become the poor, hunger, sick and still be victimized in HIV/Aids!

It is noted, after gender programme is implemented more women came to get treatment, more women become agents for changes. Most women are willing to sacrifice. They forgot totally in order to help others they need to help themselves first. How come sick person can help health person properly? The health person may turn to be sick instead.

The 2010 Voice of women may reach them faster through the WEB 2.0; to sound the gender equality that they have equal access and opportunity to receive treatment; to handle the disease and keep living productively. They may get link to insurance and life skills.
The Voice of freedom may prevent more people not being contaminated by the disease with proper protection using either male or female condom.

Let's keep the voice up!
Eliminate stigma HIV/Aids - help women not to be the poor, the hunger, the sick and victimized!

with prayer,
Erna Surjadi

Taken from PulseWire by Erna Surjadi | September 16, 2010 at 8:08 AM : http://www.worldpulse.com/node/27487


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