Women's measurement of success

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15 May
Published by erna_surjadi

We are born as women; in human's rights men and women are equal.
This is also stated in my country basic law principles.

In traditional gender perspectives: patriarchal culture has put men as number one; though if we traced back history, women were created to be partners to men.
However, after many centuries past; it is noted in this modern and globalization era many women are left behind, especially in the rural, they live with disadvantages, and being patronized to stay within domestic arena: home, family, children and elderly; yet no dominance nor women's privilage in the areas due to they are still sufferring in maternal health and mortality. Even family planning are mostly controlled by men.

Women made a progress, though most countries are still less than 20% in parliamentary, about 35% as excecutives though less in 10 % as top leaders. Women has noted less than 1% of private property, has less than 1% means of productions; and less than 10% of the world's income. We are keep walking and running.

It is noted that among 5 of 7 successful women were divorced and or got problems in the family. Japan is number one top percentage women in business (about 30-40%); however we noted also the declining the country's growth population due to less interest of girls to get maried and or having babies. Other countries in the region noted similar situation are Singapore and Thailand.

When I visited Thailand, only 2 of 10 women are married. One graduate student talked to me that she is afraid to get married; though now she has a fiancee. She is pretty much interested on the gender equality perspectives and family career development system. When I asked my son and my daughter inlaw in Singapore, to have second child, they said one is enough. The wife needs to work by virtual office from 9pm - 3 am; due to the company is abroad with time differences. I noticed it is very hard to maintain certain economic class in the society. I agreed with them for the family's ladder career and advancement. They might change their mind if they stay in other country with easier living environment.

Other women in the network said; to keep in the business and working they need to work alone and not being disturbed by the husbands. Some women are single parents with one or two children. It seems that we are creating women's family and men's family; while in fact we may have integrated family with happiness.
This article has attached also the slide how to be women's entrepreneur taken from the APEC conference. It is a personal choice.

So what is the measurement of women's success? Is it alright has a broken home but suceeded in business and career?
I prefer to have sucess in both; and put my success as part of the family success and happiness. There is an art indeed.
This is our challenges; and the choice is yours. We have freedom to choose; this is your life....

In research, communication brings differences including positive and negative. Gender communication is a great challenges due to gender disparities. Men are communicated different ways with women's. They are supposed to be complement to each other. I think gender harmony need to be promoted not merely the women's empowerment; the egalitarian ethos need to be determined clearly.

The women's empowerment is family advancement towards future investment.
The unit of measurement is a family.
This includes men are supporting women; and women are supporting men.

I was a very busy advanced career woman, but I love my family - my family is my treasures ever.
I remember my son's poem (at that moment he was 19 years old - now he is 27):
Life could be as simple as you want it to be
But Life could be as complicated as you think they are.

The above has saved my marriage-life; due to I have custom to perform communication within family; and everybody has voice and choice; we are together become one force that brought up our lives in certain social and economic status.
Sometime you have to put on pap's shoes, mom... (I don't know whether they said the same to their father..)
My first son (now he is 31) said: we are proud of you mom, you are awesome..
My husband said - the best and most important is my family! We are always together no matter where we live - just in the matter we put the two hands closer for praying. Families pray together stay together.

Women's success is supposed to be the family success not a personal matter anymore; this needs to be communicated and supported by men.
By having strong women - we have strong family and nations!

Have a blessed day!


Taken from PulseWire by Erna Surjadi | September 23, 2010 at 3:45 AM : http://www.worldpulse.com/node/28032

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