Women challenges and gender equality to support the future of the nation

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15 May
Published by erna_surjadi

History noted roles of women; it is noted also the double burden, the spirit of advancement and stereotypes - this becomes a historical phenomena. Thus our great challenges as women, go pursue the women advancement within family career development towards family advancement for future investment.

I spent over 15 years in gender movement, gender mainstreaming in multisectors; however nowadays I saw more discrimination, in-justice to women especially due to financial crisis and economic situation. More activist mentioned now we are on gender mainscreaming instead!
After studying Sociology/gender in doctoral programme and over 4 years working for the South East Asia region it is truly evidence and we couldnot deny that the patriarchy culture has given bad impact to the community and the world. I just came back yesterday from travels to Singapore and Thailand (and Khon Kaen) for meeting, conference and lectures; it is found that women migrant workers are suffering, more adolescent are afraid to get married, more depression disorder in women due to patriarchy culture, the teenage are still in pregnancy and the violence is nor less in the family and community. Thus, we need alliance together in working with men - a gender empowerment is a must to support gender equality against poverty, violence and discrimination!
The worse women then the worse the family in facing career development; while the stronger women the stronger is family and community. Men's perspective based on patriarchy culture need to be changed into egalitarian ethos. Gender equality will give benefits to family due to women is the centre of the family and play most important role for the future of family, community and nation.
Let's speak it up - keep the voice up as the pulsewire - to let more women talk and being heard, deliver the choices to get the stronger forces for the family, community, nation and for the world! This is our great challenges!
May God bless us,

spirit and support for gender forever

Taken from PulseWire by Erna Surjadi | August 22, 2010 at 9:54 PM : http://www.worldpulse.com/node/25000


Gender Empowerment

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