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22 Jun
Published by erna_surjadi
Gender Harmony (GH) as Promising tool against gender-based violence Say NO is not enough! We need Gender Harmony! GH promotes proper gender relationship with its aspects between men and women that influenced by the patriarchy culture as predisposing factor; also economic situation in the family (poor/rich) and the importance of communication to support the bonding particularly in early years of marriage. Gender Harmony is developed based on the respect to human rights for the unity in family to reach family welfare, as the smallest unit in society (Note: In broaden context Harmony principles have been formulated by the Public Policy Forum nowadays to promote Indonesia Harmony – One Indonesia within harmony of multiculturalism & pluralism for Indonesia one). In the celebration of 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence; GH , KOWANI , Indosat and Media altogether from 6 countries announce the exclamation day on anti domestic violence. (November 26 2013) Gender harmony (GH) put proper understanding on women’s position and relations to men; it creates coping mechanism to prevent domestic violence. GH improves marital relationship towards harmony and happiness and building coping mechanism on preventing domestic violence. Men and women need to come back to their vow on marriage, to create synergy between spouses and couples as God’s creation meant to be. No Violence – Harmony Yes! EDUCATION FOR ALL! ZERO TOLERANCE TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! How could it be achieved without proper understanding on gender? Gender training, dialogue, talk show, seminar etc. are important in developing proper understanding on the respect, protecting and fulfillment to the human rights (including women’s rights), equal partnership, access, opportunity, benefits and control The GH approach has proven to reduce the case of 56% VAW within low implementation of the patriarchy culture and high communication. On the contrary, high implementation of patriarchy culture and low communication between spouses or partners has increased the cases to 183%. Gender Harmony (GH) has been declared as future reference by 14 countries within Asia, Pacific, Europe, Australia and Africa during the International Conference on Gender Empowerment conducted on the 10th to 13th July of 2012 in Indonesia. Now there are 34 countries support it. (See: ); and has been reported through to be broadcasted to the worldwide for better strategy in promoting gender equality and combating the VAW. No Rights – No Harmony No Harmony – No Peace; No Peace – No Happiness Women’s empowerment is Family advancement Towards Future investment Gender empowerment against poverty towards family welfare – free from domestic violence Gender mainstreaming in Family through education and culture

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