Gender Harmony Network New Year 2014

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27 Jan
Published by erna_surjadi

The members of Gender Harmony (GH) Network met during New Year celebration for gathering with Prof. Dr. Meutia Hatta Swasono, the Presidential Council on Education and Culture; and PT Indosat, Mr. Indar Atmanto and team of Inspera (Inspirasi Perempuan Indonesia = Indonesian Women's Inspiration) at Indosat building, Tower B, 25th Floor, Jl Merdeka Barat, Jakarta on Friday, 17 January 2014.

About 48 persons joined the event from the 90 persons registered; while during the week Jakarta had heavy raining that caused flood in many areas of the city; which fortunately stopped by Saturday last week. Several areas still have bad impact nowadays from these unexpected situations; mud, things destroyed, sickness, holes on the street and so on. Dr. Erna Surjadi PhD, Director of Gender Harmony Foundation congratulated participants for the beautiful moment; after the welcome speech delivered by Mr. Indar Atmanto, the Director of INDOSAT as the host.

Appreciation to nature was brought up in the discussion when Prof. Swasono gave her speech with Dr. Dewi Motik Pramono MSi as the moderator. Specifically Prof. Meutia mentioned about the need on building harmony in family and nation; where in the nature our country has ocean more than land; it is also need a harmony. Women need to empower themselves first then empowering others, including men and family; so that gender equality and equity can be achieved in all aspects of living. It is noted also one suggestion from the moderator that women need to learn how to defense themselves from violence. One official from Ministry of Oceanery and Fishery, Ms. Maya mentioned about the importance of women to learn and to love the ocean. Presentation on Gender Harmony principles, how to build it and ways forward was performed afterwards by Dr. Surjadi followed by Ms. Inne who presented Inspera activity on economic empowerment related to ICT.  
In brief, it is understood that building harmony is not easy - particularly people mostly misunderstood about gender meaning and perspectives. One audience mentioned; many men agree the wife is being advanced however they are not agree to be equality with the wife. Dr. Surjadi explored that GH has proved 56% reduction of domestic violence; however it needs practicing started by the knowledge, proper languange and mindset. She further highlighted several testimonies from public, in the country and out of country who found GH is useful and can be applied by many nations and or cultures (So far many persons from about 34 countries in the world have accepted the GH approach and strategy). Majority of audiences have filled up the form to be the member of GH network and some of them have applied for GH training to be the GH Facilitators.
In Her special end note to GH couple days after the event, Prof. Meutia convey her congratulation for GH Network as a success; and she hopes for more gathering in the future. Sure we'll do it!
NO Rights No Harmony - NO Harmony No Peace - NO Peace No Happiness!
PS: Opening application for GH training in 2014 distributed on the day.
1) Jakarta : 11 -13 March  2) Surabaya: 22-24 April  3) Semarang: 17-19 June   4) Bali: 26-28 August  and 5) Riau (Islands): 21-23 October
Additional information:
Material: 70-30: practicing, games. role plays, case studies and discussion; 2 days in house and one day outbond. Limited participants to maintain intensive sharing.
Online Pre-test is applied before the due date, for men and women from 21 years old and above.
Register to or download the form.
The Gender Harmony Foundation shall try to find the sponsor(s) for the GH training; however interested participants are encouraged to share some cost; such as: administration and meals.
Please read more on separate section.




Gender Harmony

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