Networking with the Indo-Indian Group at Marriot Hotel

Published by erna_surjadi on Sat, 08/29/2015 - 13:51 in

In the modern era, more women are involved in the public spheres.

Dr. Erna Surjadi PhD as the Founder and top Management in the Gender Harmony Foundation joined the INDO-INDIAN women's group meeting at Marriot Hotel Jakarta during 26 August 2015, which talked about professional women and the women's leadership.

Dr Kiran Bedi from India who formerly worked at the police services continue her career to make changes for many children and society in India. Dr Bedi said most important are three things; education, value and skills for all women to have a better future as well as gain the women's leadership. She gave several tips to develop proper leadership. It is noted as well that those three things are becoming power to women for not being victimized in their life later on in family, public and nation. 

Dr. Surjadi in the session of question and answer asking whether Dr. Bedi put special value and practices to those youth generation, and by the same time she highlighted also the importance of gender perception and relationship between boys and girls; so that it is hoped the tragedi happened couple years ago to a girl that being raped by several men in the bus although accompanied by her boy friend won't happen again in the future. After the session was closed, Dr. Surjadi gave the book Gender Empowerment for Social Life and Harmonious Living as compliments to Dr. Bedi.

During lunch, many participants of the meeting paid attention and further asked about Gender Harmony (GH). A small group of Indonesian women stood up surrounding Dr. Surjadi to listen more about GH, in fact we couldn't deny more Indian who stay in Jakarta came to the meeting compared to Indonesian. Some men were also around (Please see: Picture). 

GH is a promising tool for creating harmonious relationship between men and women at home, in the community and nation. The aura of respected partnership shall be maintained by using GH as an approach; due to people learned to give value to their life, other's life and those could becoming skills of respecting to each other that create a better harmonious living free from domestic violence and poverty.

GH is welcoming the new networks within INDO-INDIAN women's group, including the Britcham group.

Let's keep in touch for later on we can learn together how to create peace and harmony!

The incoming GH event in 25 - 27 November in collaboration with WUNRN (Women United Nation Report Network: is prepared to be announced soon after the sponsors are concluded; so that the cost for every interested participant won't be high and we'll try to keep it low as this is a social activity as part of the 16 Days activism against gender violence campaign. This will be mixed for local and international participants to the GH seminar, launching books and 3 days of training for facilitator in English (8.30 am - 5 pm daily). Expatriate will be treated as local if stay in Jakarta. The GH committee shall provide boarding, transportation and meals during the event (Seminar, training asnd site visits) for international participants. All participants shall receive GH bag, books, TShirt, Cap, kit, meals, material and accessories including Certificate.

Please send Letter of Interest (LOI) - Name, title, Job/ Organization, address, contact email, telephone, country and purpose of attending the GH event 2015; in order to put you in the list, because the seats are limited for maximum 150 to Half day Seminar and Launching; and 50 participants only for the GH training for facilitators.  

God speed...!