International Conference on Gender Empowerment towards Peace & Harmony

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SAVE THE DATE! 20-22 November 2017

Jakarta Design Centre, Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav 53, Central Jakarta , Indonesia


The theme of the conference is: Gender Empowerment towards Peace and Harmony, Harmony of diversity in Unity!

The Goals is: To highlight the need of peace and harmony in relation to the world celebration of Anti Gender-based violence campaign and Human Rights Day in 2017 as well as in general for supporting the nation harmony in unity by keynote speeches, panel discussion; dialogue and Training for GH Facilitators.

The Objectives:

  1. To build the understanding of building peace and harmony over violence against Gender based Violence Campaign and supporting the nation harmony in unity
  2. To perform Seminar and Panel Discussion to explore on how to create peace and harmony
  3. To perform GH Training for facilitators
  4. To have site-visits on related institutions to peace and harmony development
  5. To have brief report that would be broadcasted internationally and globally by GH networks, including WUNRN ( ) Programme

Agenda: The first two days of the GH event, 20 – 21 November 2017 shall be conducted at the Jakarta Design Centre (JDC) from 9 – 4.30 PM for: 

1) Seminar & Panel Discussion as half day activity continue with: 

2) GH training for limited seats only (50) 

3) Site Visits to the object and interaction with the disharmony situation to overcome into a peace and harmony building from 8 am – 11.30 am The GH event 2017 will be closed at the Outdoor Lake Restaurant: 12.30 -14.30 with Evaluation and Certificates for all participants and award to best participants. 

Expected Results:

  1. The Seminar on Peace & Harmony is performed with highlighted issues and recommendation.
  2. The GH Training for Facilitators is conducted with local and international participants.
  3. The brief reports of the GH initiative Campaign notified to public national, international and globally
  4. Certificates of Participation
  5. Evaluation


  1. Webpage launching local, international and globally
  2. Leaflets and banners
  3. Keynote speeches and Short Presentations
  4. Panel Discussion
  5. Dialogues, questions and answers
  6. Programmed book and Module Book
  7. Work groups
  8. Role plays and harmony games
  9. Livelihood skills development
  10. Site visits
  11. Report and Documentation
  12. Suggestion and Recommendation