The GH pre-Con meeting to ICGEm2014

Published by erna_surjadi on Thu, 12/05/2013 - 15:19 in

We are here to express that we say NO to violence; moreover we say ANTI Domestic Violence!

Gender empowerment is a must - it may achieve the gender equality faster by using Gender Harmony (GH)

Everything good must be blessed by God; no matter how people play with words, gossip, ambitions, greediness and or politization with power, abuse or turnover any fact - women and men are complements; they deserved to be partners within good gender empowerment; where women's empowerment in it. Working with men is a must; thus gender empowerment is needed.

The Gender Harmony (GH) is born with good intention for peace and harmony; no doubt with it; most people accepting this with please; some may try creating 'inharmony' situations by changing the true meaning of GH. Please don't be trapped by the fraud! Kindly look for the proper sources of GH... ; 

Let's fact and figures say by themselves.. On how we can get benefits by pushing forwards the harmony spirits.

So far we are moving on with 34 countries participated on the movement. 

No gain without pain - nothing is perfect in this world, infact beautifully imperfect!

Let's God work to push this for the goodness of more people..

Lets' support peace and harmony - for family welfare; free from poverty and domestic violence! 

Ora et Labora!

May we get Victory for peace and harmony!


Best regards,


PS: Thanks a million to KOWANI, Gender Harmony Foundation, PT INDOSAT, UNFPA Cambodia, Khon Kaen University Thailand, Guru Angad Dev SEWA Society India, the Ministry of Communication and Information Republic of Indonesia, CWCC Cambodia, MOWA Cambodia, Ministry of Women's Affairs Cambodia, University of Putra Malaysia, Tabitakum Parompuan Foundation Jakarta, University of Trisakti, Berta rental car Jakarta, the Twin Plaza Hotel and the Pulau Dua Lake Restaurant Senayan