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More women get involved into public arena, particularly into economic field that led to dual income families where both spouses are being active as bread earners - this have made certain good and bad impacts. This needs to be anticipated, being discussed within family to prevent any disharmony that may cause inconvenience situations into the family life.

Many times, young couples more seriously paid attention to earn money for living; and they were willing to sacrifice a bit and kept their feeling deep into the heart as long as the family boat was sailing to the right ocean. As the impact, many times people found marriage life was a tension journey and far from happiness. However, Gender Harmony (GH) again showed that any couple may get peace, harmony and happiness while keep doing their business in making money together without sacrifying the gender relationship for peaceful life, harmony and happiness towards family welfare. Why need to be suffered; when you could develop harmony together..?! It is a process, not being given indeed.

In family life, both spouses are included in the family career development system; they can go hand in hand together, get along to each other if they started learning to give respect within effective communication, growing and developing to build coping mechanism towards gender transformation. A true respect needs to be understood in proper manner and practicing within egalitarian ethos as firstly God created men and women to be and wanted them to help each other, not being one master of the other or being competitor to each other. To err is human, but to forgive is divine. God created human with His patern of Love and command the Love as the main verse; let's find the true treasures in harmonious living particularly in marriage life! 

No need to walk alone, or feel lonely or being dissapointed for loosing own basic rights, including to be loved and to love; GH may teach you how and be in it by guarantee you never came back to the square zero.

One group of young career professionals who joined the GH discussion have showed their curiousity, getting involved and at the end they truly welcome GH with hopes, spirits and happiness! They have challenged GH and they have to admit that GH is a promising tool for young career professionals for developing harmonious living. Most participants said it was a value moment of discussion although for couple hours only. 


GH was found by God's grace to help people; GH is developed to give every gender partnership works and make spouses live in harmony ; free from poverty and domestic violence towards the family welfare!

You are welcome to also contact GH via email: genharmony;; to get free dialogue or seminar or GH training for your society or community.


GH Foundation is accredited by UN ECOSOC/ DESA since 2012; protected by Indonesian Law since 2011

GH Book series Publication (with ISBN):

1. Gender Harmony (Indonesia)

2. Bagaimana mencegah KDRT (Indonesia)

3. Gender Skateboard (Indonesia)

4. Gender Empowerment for Social Life and Harmonious Living (English)


Note for the incoming books (by end 2015):

5. Domestic Violence Prevention (EN)

6. KDRT Dapat Dicegah (Indonesia)


Please write to GH and get your life more worth and peaceful in the coming days after you understand GH and practicing it into your precious life that given by God and meant useful for other human being..!

No Rights No Harmony; 

No Harmony No Peace;

No Peace No Happiness!