GENDER EMPOWERMENT for social life and harmonious living

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The GENDER EMPOWERMENT For Social life and Harmonious living book has been launched on 23 December 2014 at INDOSAT Main Building 4th Fluor, Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No. 5 Jakarta, Indonesia

The event was supported by the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection Republic of Indonesia (MOWECP), the Ministry of Communication and Information Republic of Indonesia (KOMINFO), the Indonesa Women's Alliance For Sustainable Development (IWASD), Gender Harmony Foundation, INDOSAT, Publishers SRIYA HARAPAN JAGRA (SHJ), PT Readboy Indonesia - Talking Book, PT Hakasima, Yayasan jurnal Perempuan, Former Presidential Advisory Countil on Education and Culture and the Writers of Gender Empowerment with members of GH networks and KOWANI (The Indonesian National Council of Women)) for a total about 160 persons. The Women's United Nations Report Newtwork (WUNRN) sent Forewords which been read infront of the Audience by one of the GE Writers from Malaysia. The GE book Editors are Dr. Erna Surjadi PhD and Prof. Dr. Meutia Hatta Swasono; there are 12 writers from 8 countries: Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Romania, India and Ethiopia. The high appreciation is given to all audiences who came to the event; all members of the GH organizing committee: Ryan Sembiring, Pegmawati, Rosmila, Suwarno, Sujadiman and Fuji Samantha who helped this event to become a realty.

An Honour appreciation is conveyed to Gilang and INDOSAT for making the teleconference conducted; as well as to Zumilah , Gilang, Bambang and other GH team for joining the GH activities on the grassroots with Juliana Jaya (Ratna Ning, Mr. Ambaldi, teachers and students) at Juliana Jaya Pulogadung area by performing dialogue and presentation on Gender Harmony during 22 Dec 2014 in related to the commemoration of Indonesia Mother's Day 86th. Mr. Ambaldi believes that people can be rich by always working on something, including women. Violence against women and limitation of women and girls due to patriarchy cultures are still haunted most women at home and public spheres activities. GH sounds promising to get changes in the future. 

Ms. Silvy Juliana Deuning as the Director of Publishers SHJ symbolicly has given the book to Dr. Surjadi as mark to the cermonial of launching book.  Then it is continued to give the book to other writers who came during the launching: Prof. Dr. Meutia Hatta Swasono, Dr. Zumilah Zanalaludin and Dr. Gilang Saputra. Those are welcome with high excitement by others. (see: picture)

Dr. Sulikanti Agusni from the MOWE,  Mr. Djoko Agung Harijadi from KOMINFO, Dr. Dewi Motik Pramono MSi from IWASD, Prof. Dr. Patrice Braun from Australia, Dr. Zumilah Zanalaludin from Malaysia; and  Prof. Dr. Meutia Hatta Swasono, Dr. Erna Surjadi MS.APBI, PhD and Dr. Gilang Saputra from Indonesia were in the Seminar and Launching book to support the presentation, Dialogue and sharing with audiences. The moderator was Dr. Bambang Rustanto from The Institute of Social Welfare (STKS), Bandung with the Master of Ceremony Ms. Kencana Indrishwari from KePPak (Women group of awareness and anti violence against women and girls).

Ms. Lois A. Herman from WUNRN from her written Forewords highlighted that Gender Empowerment goes beyond the concept of equality to mean a person is the power to make choices and has the ability to control her/his own destiny. Gender Empowerment enables persons to access thir cicil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. Further she pointed that Gender Harmony is a building block for Gender Equality, Gender Empowerment in both the public and private spheres, and across cultures and traditions.

Mr. Djoko Agung Harijadi emphasized the importance of ICT which also could push forward the women's empowerment and family advancement. As stated by the world commitment in Geneva by 2015 half of world population must get access to information, technology and communication. This been implemented by Kominfo based on the 'Women and Girls in ICT Day' which been launched by ITU (International Telecommunication union) every April through the rural programmes in Indonesia on internet implementation and utilization within healthy, safety, intelligent, creative and productive ways. Those could support the better quality of women's life; and it is believed the harmony in gender shall support social life and harmonious living towards unity of the nation and Indonesian country. 

Dr. Dewi Motik Pramono MSi stood up on the stage sounding her strong support and high spirit for women's advancement within harmony with men towards family welfare. She was emphasizing again that GH is already move beyond, nicer, peace and faster than any regular women's programme to reach equity for men and women. In Islam she said women honour the men as the head of family; thus creating harmonious living is very important; then Gender Empowerment (GE) must be supported. 

Dr. Sulikanti explained several layers of women's empowerment in private, community and international; and its progress performed by the Ministry. Indonesia has thousands of cottage industry which is traditionally as part of family economic safet-valve. However most women who are involved in this activity, are insecure, do not have any legal letter as part of the business entity. There are several models and programmes to enable women in Indonesia. The World Economic Forum proved that there was a preliminary indication of the potential link between women's empowerment and nation's long-term growth. There are many results of women's creative economy in Indonesia. GH and GE are examples of women's empowerment up to international level. 

Dr. Surjadi as the Founder and also the writer of the Gender Harmony series book, including the Gender Empowerment has highlighted that women's empowerment is family advancement towards future investment. Women are partners to men; that's why now the GE book has been launched during the commemoration of Indonesai Mother's day the 86th as proved long time ago by the Indonesian women who fight together with men to get the Independence. GH is the tools and strategy to build harmony between men and women; while GE is the programme to involve also men, not only women for the empowerment to support harmony and advancement in family and social life. 

Culture is created by human; so it can be changed as well by human. Women never asked to be born as well as other men; we all are born free with dignity as God created mena nd women to be partners. We want egalitarian ethos in family, community and nation! This was accepted by the audiences which been expressed by young lady who said before she was afraid of dogma for women and girls: to be around the kitchen (dapur), the water (sumur) and the bed (kasur). From the audiences expressed also that although many women's empowerment programmes being performed everywhere; there were still several constraints faced by the poor women and migrant workers. Either they don't have any financial support, being threat by violence against women and or not being supported by men. The GE programme might be the answer due to GH is teaching family and community using wastes material to become productive, respecting each other in life and financial planner as parts of the material in GH training. There are GH modules on Economic, Social, Health and Politics. The module in Education is on progress; it is hoped this become part of the curiculum starting from junior high school onwards.

Prof. Braun from her teleconference between Melbourne-Jakarta made the dialogue with participants. The finding on empowerment to rural women has been supported by utilization of ICT; this must be started by the will and availability of women. Gender Harmony shall give advantage to the women in family life. The programme could be implemented in other places due to it utilizes mobile phone which is not difficult to have it anymore for most people in the world.

Dr. Zumilah mentioned about her study related to having son in family. Having son is proved made family deficit; while if the men gave attention and care to women he will have happy life. In contrary, the men would be 'lonely' and could be 'homeless'. This is interesting finding; however Dr. Surjadi mentioned not to worry since GH has empowered also men to give respect to women, being empowered by GE and hereafter it is proved the GH Family as a happy family! Many testimonies proved it!

Dr. Saputra highlighted the importance of breastfeeding on his study; and he concluded that GH is powerful to make it happened due to harmonious living may give better support to women's and children's health. This is also performed to migrant women worker's situation; the support from husband and or any men linked to the women's life may fulfill the rights to health of hers.  

One of important findings during the introduction, panel discussion and dialogue was the importance of empowerment to men. While we've been thinking most of the time to push forward the women's empowerment; we forgot that the men play very important role to drag back or pushing forward the women.  Most important challenge is patriarchy culture; which been highlighted and re-oriented well by Gender Harmony (GH) through the Knowledge, languange, mindset, attitude and practices for women and men during the dialogue/ approach/ training and or other communicative interaction. If GE become the national programme not only women's empowerment programmes; the benefits are obvious; it shall strengthen the women's advancement firstly by the men in the house, community and nationwide. No more women being dragged backward on behalf of culture, religion or family biased perception due to women are contributing to family advancement, community and nation growth.  

The audience agreed to work further and harder to spread this findings within local, national, international and global world! Let's move on the Gender Harmony and Gender Empowerment to reach Gender Equality! At the end of the Seminar which been closed at 1 PM by taking picture together; many participants bought the book which been on sale only for 23 Dec for 50% of the price (Published rate is 12 US$). It was followed by lunch provided by INDOSAT. 


Note: GE book - 690 page, English printed in paperback with ISBN 9-786027-184701, published by SRIYA HARAPAN JAGRA (SHJ) . Please contact; for further details.