Gender Empowerment Seminar and Launching book

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Jakarta, Indonesia 22-23 December 2014

Indonesia has celebrated the Indonesia Mother's Day each year on 22 December since 1928; this is not only for being a mother but also as women are being the partner to men to fight for advancement of family, community and nation life!


The Gender Harmony is moving on!

There will be Seminar and Launching book on Gender Empowerment, for supporting Social Life and Family Harmonious Living within National, International and Global Networks in Jakarta city, on Tuesday, 23 December 2014. The Seminar is Free for public by Invitation only (It will be opened online for limited capacity, 300-350 persons).

For special foreigners Invited persons, the event shall be started on 22 December 2014 with Site-visits to GH Networks and activities. Invited Foreigners shall be welcomed free of charge staying one night by the Gender Harmony Foundation hospitality, including meals at Seminar, GH Kits, site visit transportation, transportation to the Seminar building, compliment GE new publication book (about 800 pages) and Certificate. Medical insurance, Air ticket, Visa on arrival, airport tax, airport taxi and private expenses are held by participants. Sponsors are welcome, please use the Term of Reference as attached to support your need; logo of donor/ sponsor will be attached in the Backdrop and programme book with your name on it. 

Most important, we want this GH good news move on..! This even shall open dialogue with the Writers, Gender Harmony and Gender Empowerment programme for a better world to men and women! So please share this information to your network as necessary.

Lets make a snowball action to help more people in creating harmonious living!

Push forward the Peace and Harmony!

Harmony Greetings to all of YOU!


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