Brief Report Gender Harmony Post2015 Development at CSW60

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Brief Report


Gender Harmony (GH) has participated to the United Nations conference for the fourth time since 2013; three at New York City for the CSW57, CSW59, CSW60 and one at Geneva, Switzerland for UNHRC23.

Having a long research in Gender Based Violence (GBV) started 2003-2005, 2006-2008 then 2008-2010 has made Gender Harmony robust enough to be promising tools against gender violence and have comprehensive pictures on the roots of the problems, how to prevent it and challenges to its constraints. Post2015 development towards sustainable development goals won't have such a higher value without eliminating this long historic issues on violence against women. Thus Gender Harmony (GH) with strong spirits to eliminate the GBV came up to the CSW60 arena, sincerely would like to share to the world ways to prevent and eliminate it.

The schedule from the committee was so tight, and we had Saturday schedule on 19 March 2016 at Salvation Army Downstairs, which apparently giving disadvantages to the value of the CSW Panel Discussion not to mention the preparation time, distance we must travel (about 29 hours flight), flight cost, resources and so on - due to it was Saturday most people was gone for holiday or going back home in surrounding areas of New York, Washington DC etc; and we couldn't deny that the place somehow was 'hidden' from the ground floor. The elevator has no sign and the stairs to basement was somewhat hesitating to people to come down.  Less people coming compared to the previous panel discussions we conducted before during weekdays and in the more pleasant rooms with easier access by audiences.

However, during the GH Panel Discussion which was attended by Several Distinguished Speakers they were: Ms. Lois A. Herman from WUNRN, Dr. Erna Surjadi PhD from Gender Harmony Foundation, Dr. Sherryl from WUNRN and Dra. Evita Adnan M.PSi from the University State of Jakarta (UNJ), all of audiences who came from US, Taiwan, Liberia, Italy, Indonesia and Congo had expressed their gratefulness to the clarity of presentations and GH material given which they found out very useful.

Dr. Surjadi gave overview about Gender Harmony which not only supporting women's empowerment to reach gender equality but also gender empowerment (men and women) knowledge, language, mindset, attitude and practices in order to create peace and harmonic life against gender based violence. The Gender Based Violence happened mostly due to patriarchy culture which strangled hopes of men to overpower women and creating stratification men above women, while in fact God created them as suitable partners in equality among others. Respect to other human being is a must because God's blessing to life, that made human and life belongs to them are precious! By respecting each other within communication, it is hoped the unity can be performed for family welfare and advancement. Testimonies were given from various countries who implemented GH. It brought changes!

Ms. Lois had emphasized how stereotyped can bring disadvantages to women-men relationship; and GH has succeeded building the family resilience by creating harmonic life. It was also mentioned by Dr. Sherryl that GH has touched family bonding which was important to future development and made the family stronger. Dr Adnan reported that teachers might bring changes to family education, introducing them into gender proper knowledge and training them to insert material of lectures to students about Gender Harmony which somewhat filled up the unevitable missing communication at home between parents and children due to the parents were busy working and earn money for living.

During the discussion, there was question how men can face stigma that domestic chores must address to women? The true story that when couples in family have found peaceful life during their harmonic living with respect to each other, helping each other - they wouldn't care to what other people said. How to see your future partner is good or not? Good people always doing goodness and coping mechanism within good communication shall reduce the family crisis, including problems during dating period. Good characters given to human by God when they were born must be recalled into proper knowledge and understanding, that's why GH exercises and training is important.

One good resource is GBV book which contains true cases of people from various countries. We learn from other's experiences and try to get lesson learns for not doing the same mistakes. Most of audiences got the book with small contributions for the printing, and they all received free goody bags as promised by the GH organizer.

Thanks to audiences and all Distinguished speakers that made the Panel Discussion successfull. It is hoped more people share the knowledge to family, children, neighbors, friends and so on so we could eliminate GBV in the future.

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