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The International Conference on Gender Empowerment is postponed to 2015



To all supporters and Gender Harmony (GH) Networks please note for immediate effect.

           Due to some unavoidable reasons, the International Conference on Gender empowerment that planned to be conducted during 2014 ; regret to be announced; it shall be postponed to August 2015. 

We have more than 34 countries in many parts of the world (Asia, Pacific, Europe, America, Australia, Africa etc) that have been introduced to GH without any rejection but encouragement to keep on moving for creating harmony between men and women in reaching the gender equality for family advancement and welfare. 


We would be delighted to receive proposal from any country to be the host of the incoming ICGEM, otherwise this shall be performed in Indonesia, where place to be determined later during Jan/Feb 2015. Any individual and or institutional that being eager to participate is welcome. Please send the Letter of Interest to ICGEm2015 before end of 2014.

Based on last Pre-Conference meeting in 2013, the theme and sub-themes are as follow: 

 The theme of the conference is:

Gender Empowerment as a tool towards well-being for all!

The sub-themes are:

1.     Gender empowerment using Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)

2.     Family economic well-being through gender empowerment

3.     Gender Harmony to end Violence against women (VAW)

4.     Family empowerment and well-being involving religious/cultural and community leaders

5.     Gender empowerment within health

6.     Gender empowerment within emergency and disaster management

7.     Gender empowerment in law, regulations and human rights implementations


The Foundation of Gender Harmony shall give transfer of knowledge and some support as necessary.

You are welcome to communicate with the Secretariat -; cc

     Further query for guidelines, Form Application and more information at: ;

     We are looking forward to your respond and participation for the incoming ICGEm2015. We cannot do everything; however together we could do something! I invite all friends and symphaticers to be together for creating harmony and peace, starting in the family life, then within community life, continue to nation life and to the global life. GH is promising tool and challenged for social, health, economic, culture and political development for a better future life! Gender empowerment may bring our dreams come true...

     May we create harmony for changes to the family advancement and welfare as well as for the nation and world future!


     Dr. Erna Surjadi MS.APBI, PhD


     Founder and Director of Gender Harmony Foundation

     God never let the seeds on your hands dried up - keep moving on...

     Women's empowerment is Family advancement towards future investment.

     No rights No harmony, No harmony No peace; No peace No Happiness!